Are We Not Like Two Volumes of One Book?

We complemented each other in ways unimaginable.
You were just about everything I wanted, if not more.
The only thing you were missing was you wanting me when I wanted you.
Regardless of the things you said
From the light house to the park, the ferris wheel to your house.
It was weeks back to back with promises for the future.
Then all of a sudden it began to change.
I later found out why.
It made me wonder why is it that she had the ability to have you when I couldn't.
Maybe it was that bad boy that you warned me about
Shining through that kindness I always saw.
It can't be over, not yet
Not with promises unfulfilled, plans undone, and desires unmet.
I dream of your kisses, one day hopefully that aspect will become apart of reality again

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