I know it's been awhile since my last pot but I've been busy and sometimes I can't really think of anything that's post worthy on my blog and t hen sometimes i just forget. I might just set a reminder for me to do a blog post on the same day of every month. Anywho, Samhain (pronounced Sah-win) is coming up! For those of you that don't know what Samahin is, for many of you it's just Halloween. This will be my first Samhain :] I wonder what other people that are celebrating it are going to do. Personally I've been planning to make some sky lanterns or mini hot air balloons (similar to the ones in Tangled), with my sister and releasing them while making a wish for the new year also in remembrance of the many people that have passed this year. However I might not do that my boyfriend asked me to carve pumpkins with him so I might just do that.  Another thing I though of doing is making a wish tree. Which is basically tying a whole bunch of written wishes on a note card or a piece of paper and then tying them all to a tree (real or fake). I might just do that with my friends around Yule, or Christmas, since that's when most people do that anyway. Maybe next year I'll make sky lanterns....hopefully. I'll try to post what I did for Samhain around the beginning of November.

Blessed Be!


She May Be A Twin But She's One Of A Kind.

I know it's been awhile since I've last posted on my blog but low and behold here is my new post :) This is a poem I wrote around April for my Twinja. Along with a picture I drew for her of us.

My other half,
We have so much in common
With a few differences.
From music preference to favorite food
And abilities to ideal people,
Be they celebrities or regular people.

My twinja,
We have been through so much together
And even more apart.
We taught each other many things
And learned some things together.
We have even 'ventured to a few places.

My Poison Ivy,
We made plans to go places
And get out of this dump.
None of which were easy to follow through with.
We'll make it through.
Then we will look back on all of this and laugh.

You were my outside eyes looking in
And vice versa
I'll be there for you whenever I can,
Through thick and thin,
No matter what, it's us against the world.
I love you, Gina!!!

From: Hachiko


A True Friend is One Who Thinks you are A Good Egg Even if you are Half-Cracked.

You’ve helped me
In almost about any way humanly possible.
I can’t even begin to explain how grateful I am.
Not only for the things you do
But just meeting you in general.
Sometimes you understand me,
When just about no one else does.
We can even communicate without conversing.
For that to happen in almost three years is amazing.
There are people I’ve known my whole life
That still don’t get me or understand.
But you do.
I try to help you with things
But sometimes it seems like
You have everything already figured out.
Hopefully our friendship lasts forever.
That will give me more than enough time
To show you my gratitude.
I told myself that I would never have another best friend
Then I met you four years later and
Decided to reconsider my decision.
You’re the first best friend I’ve had in years
And the best one by far,
And I love you.

From: Your Heterosexual Life Mate, Queesas


A Perfect Example of Minority Rule is A Baby in the House

My aunt finally had her baby September 27. My little cousin is finally here!! =]

The nine months that you were incubating
Seemed to go by fairly quick.
I remember when I used to touch your mommy’s tummy
And you would kick back powerfully like Captain Falcon or just lean there.
You were rolling around
Like Monkey Ball in there on a mission.
We played games,
I gave you grammar lessons,
Told you stories,
And sang you some songs
All while you were in the womb.
Seemed like it that all was barely yesterday.
Now, that you’re finally here,
There’s much more for you to learn and experience.
Hopefully I’ll be there to help you go through it all
Or even to introduce it to you.

To: Makai J. S.
From: Your best cousin EVER, Marquisha


People Change and Forget to Tell Each Other

A friend of mine is going off to the wartoday, so it would only make sense for me to post the poem I wrote about him now:

When we first started talking it was tons of fun.
Smiles and laughter all around.
You liked my flaws
Along with many other things
I didn't even like about myself.
You're always trying to help me overcome my fears
Or things I'm just too shy to do.
All of that and tons more would be an easy task for you to accomplish,
If you weren't trying to do it through a computer.
You can try to work your magic when you get back.


When the world says, "Give up," Hope whispers, "Try it one more time."

I've had this poem for over a month now and I've been anxious to post it, like I am for my next three. I'm just trying to space out my posts and place some fine tunning on them where need be.

Here's my poem and birthday present to the recipient:

You were flying with your cape and me in your arms.
Going down a road I knew little to nothing about.
A path you figured I didn’t need help with,
Despite what I told you.
We both claimed to want something more.
Only I didn't know how to get there
Nor how to show you.
Our inability to communicate only made it harder.
I ignored my instincts and disregarded the countless
Advice and chance I got to get off of this flight.
Everyone told me things I already knew,
I just wanted to be optimistic.
My optimism soon ended up being taken for
Naïvity and stupidity.

Eleven months ended up being when I fell.
As I was falling I watched you continue to fly.
When I finally hit the water below,
You came back for me.
You said that you dropped me cause it what we had wasn't fair
It wasn't 50-50 in your eyes
However you said you would pick me back up,
Only if I made a sacrificial change to myself.
Had I of done that, everything would be a lie,
I wouldn't be me.
As I floated in the water I wondered if it was all
Worth it.
The confusion, the advice, the deceit, the insults.
The tears, the lies, the hypocrisy, all of it.


Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice. OH MY GOSH!! I Happened Twice!!

Blog post number two for this month!! Well, school started for me this week, on August 15th. Which ended up being tons more fun than I anticipated. I planed on having Swai do my nails on the Sunday before school and then I would be all girlified (for once) on the first day of school; dress, make-up and all. However it didn't go as planned and I ended up getting them done on the first day of school after my class instead.

On August 15th, my twinja (Gina) and I went to Sawi's house. I showed Sawi the designs I wanted to have done on my nails and she hopped straight to it. On my thumbs I have a black and white corset-type of design. The rest of my fingers were painted white with three vertical black dots along one side. Pretty simple.
After watching Swai work on my hand, Gina decided that she wanted to have her nails done as well. First, she wanted black nails with a white lightning bolt going down the middle. Eventually, she ended up changing her mind and got all of her nails black with a skull on her thumbs and half of a broken heart on her middle fingers.

While this process was going on, it was basically a normal hangout between the three of us, full of conversations, laughter, and music. Afterwards Gina and I were going to do Swai's nails after she finished ours but we didn't get to. Only because we didn't want to mess up the hard work she just did on our nails and it was getting pretty late already. Next time around we will do hers!!

Swai's Twitter- @PeachyBunny
Gina's Twitter- @GinaRogers2
My Twitter- @Liras