Life is Uncertain. Eat Dessert First

Well time for my monthly blog post and it happens to land on today. Which as many of you know is Pi Day. However what I did not know, a long with some other people, today is "Steak and a Blowjob" Day as well. It's supposedly the male's version of "Valentine's day" I don't know the full story behind that one. Today is Pi Day none the less, I might go get a pizza pie with my heterosexual life mate before my night class in celebration of it, mmm pie.
Last night was the season finale of the third season of one of my favorite British television shows, Being Human. I will not give any spoilers but at the end of the episode I was extremely sad :( that's my two cents on the matter. If anyone wants to know what happened you'll just have to watch the show for yourself.
For this blog entry I was going to post one of my poems but I think I'll save that for next months entry seeing as though today is a day with a few holidays on it's plate some of the peculiar sort.
Not only Pi Day and Steak and a Blowjob Day fall on today but a few other holidays do too. Such as National Potato Chip Day, Learn About Butterflies Day, Moth-er Day, International Ask a Question Day, and Napping Day. what a lovely little plethora of things, non?
Why is National Potato Chip Day today when they were discovered August 24? I have no clue, that's just how it is. Today is napping day because it's the first Monday after daylight savings. Today is supposed to help people adjust to the time change to promote health and productivity benefits of napping.
Learn About Butterflies Day is in this month because since Spring time is coming butterflies are reappearing in everyone's back yards and what have you. Moth-er day is to honor moth collectors and specialists. It's alos a play on words with Mother's Day, in case no one caught that. Why not celebrate both cousins of insects together since "A moth is only a butterfly that has yet to come out of the closet"?
As for Ask a Question Day, I found slim to no information about this holiday only the fact that it is today. Does that mean we all are limited to only one question today? I don't know, and I hope not cause if that is so I asked three in the blog alone and have yet to begin class yet. It may mean for people that normally don't ask questions at all have to ask a question today. I like that one a lot better :)

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