A Perfect Example of Minority Rule is A Baby in the House

My aunt finally had her baby September 27. My little cousin is finally here!! =]

The nine months that you were incubating
Seemed to go by fairly quick.
I remember when I used to touch your mommy’s tummy
And you would kick back powerfully like Captain Falcon or just lean there.
You were rolling around
Like Monkey Ball in there on a mission.
We played games,
I gave you grammar lessons,
Told you stories,
And sang you some songs
All while you were in the womb.
Seemed like it that all was barely yesterday.
Now, that you’re finally here,
There’s much more for you to learn and experience.
Hopefully I’ll be there to help you go through it all
Or even to introduce it to you.

To: Makai J. S.
From: Your best cousin EVER, Marquisha

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