A True Friend is One Who Thinks you are A Good Egg Even if you are Half-Cracked.

You’ve helped me
In almost about any way humanly possible.
I can’t even begin to explain how grateful I am.
Not only for the things you do
But just meeting you in general.
Sometimes you understand me,
When just about no one else does.
We can even communicate without conversing.
For that to happen in almost three years is amazing.
There are people I’ve known my whole life
That still don’t get me or understand.
But you do.
I try to help you with things
But sometimes it seems like
You have everything already figured out.
Hopefully our friendship lasts forever.
That will give me more than enough time
To show you my gratitude.
I told myself that I would never have another best friend
Then I met you four years later and
Decided to reconsider my decision.
You’re the first best friend I’ve had in years
And the best one by far,
And I love you.

From: Your Heterosexual Life Mate, Queesas

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