When the world says, "Give up," Hope whispers, "Try it one more time."

I've had this poem for over a month now and I've been anxious to post it, like I am for my next three. I'm just trying to space out my posts and place some fine tunning on them where need be.

Here's my poem and birthday present to the recipient:

You were flying with your cape and me in your arms.
Going down a road I knew little to nothing about.
A path you figured I didn’t need help with,
Despite what I told you.
We both claimed to want something more.
Only I didn't know how to get there
Nor how to show you.
Our inability to communicate only made it harder.
I ignored my instincts and disregarded the countless
Advice and chance I got to get off of this flight.
Everyone told me things I already knew,
I just wanted to be optimistic.
My optimism soon ended up being taken for
Naïvity and stupidity.

Eleven months ended up being when I fell.
As I was falling I watched you continue to fly.
When I finally hit the water below,
You came back for me.
You said that you dropped me cause it what we had wasn't fair
It wasn't 50-50 in your eyes
However you said you would pick me back up,
Only if I made a sacrificial change to myself.
Had I of done that, everything would be a lie,
I wouldn't be me.
As I floated in the water I wondered if it was all
Worth it.
The confusion, the advice, the deceit, the insults.
The tears, the lies, the hypocrisy, all of it.

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