She May Be A Twin But She's One Of A Kind.

I know it's been awhile since I've last posted on my blog but low and behold here is my new post :) This is a poem I wrote around April for my Twinja. Along with a picture I drew for her of us.

My other half,
We have so much in common
With a few differences.
From music preference to favorite food
And abilities to ideal people,
Be they celebrities or regular people.

My twinja,
We have been through so much together
And even more apart.
We taught each other many things
And learned some things together.
We have even 'ventured to a few places.

My Poison Ivy,
We made plans to go places
And get out of this dump.
None of which were easy to follow through with.
We'll make it through.
Then we will look back on all of this and laugh.

You were my outside eyes looking in
And vice versa
I'll be there for you whenever I can,
Through thick and thin,
No matter what, it's us against the world.
I love you, Gina!!!

From: Hachiko

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